ConvertPi Video Introduction

Here is a quick video introduction of the ConvertPi, a fulll GPIO level translator for the Rapsberry Pi:


Second test with Python to test the LED monitoring (video)

A quick post to share this video of my Raspberry Pi GPIO voltage converter & monitoring working with a quick Python program which blink the LEDs:

First Board Ready!

Here is the first board mounted! This is a GPIO voltage translator with monitoring for the Raspberry Pi. Not tested yet but I am very happy with the quality of the PCB (made via


The PCB is 4 layers with 5×5 cm dimensions to fit with smart-prototypes and other PCB manufacturers offer (Seeedstudio, ITEADstudio, DFrobot, hqpcb for those living in China‚Ķ).

I am going to start the debug process and verify everything is fine.